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Hôtel vieux Québec
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The RENO STONE collection  is available in six models. Thanks to a variety of colors, this stone easily matches different decor. RENO STONE  Weighs just eight pounds per square foot, requires no foundation support or floor support for interior installations.

Grouted stones available:

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The RENO FIT collection  can be installed quickly and easily without mortar joints. We now offer three different series to meet all your decor needs.

The seamless stones available:

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Our RENO BRIK collection  is ideal for those who prefer the style of brick. It is available in two models to appeal to all tastes.

The  briquettes available:  

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With our innovative processes, adding a slab to your fireplace, an outline of doors and windows, a fireplace mantel or even an address plaque that combines perfectly with our stones will give you a most personalized decor.

The accessories available:

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Both for renovation and new construction, our products add a touch of richness to any project. Even the DIY enthusiast can achieve professional results with quick and easy installation.

Our products

Renostone products include a range of lightweight decorative concrete stones and bricks that can be laid on any interior or exterior wall without support or foundation support. They vary in thickness from half an inch for brick to an inch and a half for stone.

What are Renostone products?

All of our products consist of Portland cement, high quality lightweight aggregates, iron oxide pigments and special admixtures to make it a premium and durable product.

How are the products colored?

Products are colored through their full thickness with a base color that varies by model.  The surface nuances, which are also permanent, are created by a special technique making each piece unique in terms of coloring.

How do we get an aspect  as natural?

Authentic shapes and textures are reproduced from many molds made from real stones and bricks. The result is a replica that impresses the most discriminating eye.


601 Rue Auguste Mondoux, Gatineau, QC J9J 3K2, Canada

Phone: (819) 775-3179

Fax: (819) 775-3827

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